Sunday, June 1, 2014

Change in the economic outlook and sentiment in the wake of results of General Elections 2014

It is surprising how much impact the type of national leadership has on the nation's economy. The sentiment changed overnight as it was declared that Narendra Modi's BJP had got more than 50% of the seats (282 to be exact) in General Elections 2014.

The very economy which looked gloomy and south-bound become optimistic and north-bound when the new national leadership was declared on 16-May-2014. The up-trend on the Indian bourses became evident on 12-May-2014 when the results of the exit polls were released.

The regime of Manmohan Singh led UPA-II from 2009 to 2014 had delivered a lot of negatives for the country, prominent among this being...
  • We witnessed some of the biggest financial scams the country has seen.
  • The government's unwillingness to take action in the issue of bringing back black money.
  • The government's unwillingness to take action to stop corruption in government offices.
  • A policy paralysis - the government's inability to take timely decisions on important policies of national importance.
The people of the nation have pinned high expectations from the new prime minister Narendra Modi and his government.

Narendra Modi has a proven track record of good governance in Gujarat during the last 12 years in which he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

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