Monday, November 21, 2011

Rupee devalues - Stock Market tanks

The value of the Indian Rupee fell 1.6% today (21-Nov-2011) to close at 52.155 against the US Dollar, and the way things are poised it is likely to breach its all time low of 52.20 that it had touched on 3 March 2009.

This is likely to make imports expensive, and especially impact the oil imports which are already playing havoc with inflation.

Experts believe this has happened due to large scale exiting of the FIIs from the Indian Stock markets.

The stock markets in India tanked -

  • the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Sensitive Index (SENSEX) witnessed a fall of 425 points (2.6%) to close at 15946, just below the sentimental level of 16000.
  • the NIFTY index of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) too witnessed a 2.6% fall (127 points) to close at 4778.
Similar, dismal trends were displayed by the European Stock Exchanges, also.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is Indian Economy crumbling!

Indian economy has begun to show signs of fatigue. It is failing on growth and it is failing on inflation.

The IIP numbers have fallen to new lows. The growth was on 1.9% for September in contrast to the same period last year when the IIP growth stood at 6.1%. This is the lowest this figure has gone in the last two years. The other negative indicators are the state of our country's private airline companies. All are reporting losses. The crisis at Vijay Mallaya's Kingfisher is  the worst among the lot.

Even as industrial growth is falling, inflation has made life difficult for the common man, who in turn has started to mount pressure on the Government. RBI has repeatedly raised its repo and reverse repo rates in a bid to control the beast called inflation - that refuses to be tamed. Each time the "great" economists of our country release statements claiming that inflation will come down, the beast retaliates with an even bigger leap upward.

The signals being received from the overseas are also not very encouraging. The debt crisis that has been brewing in Europe is threatening to bloom into a full fledge recession - double-dip recession as some people prefer to call it. Time alone will tell whether the Union will manage to come out of the crisis or whether there will be no Union left at all.

Leaders are fleeing the scene. After a change in leadership in Greece, Italy's PM Berlusconi has submitted his resignation.